Red blue white

A poem not about watermelon 🍉 and fireworks 💥 🧨 😄



  1. Nice poem! An American friend of mine (I’m Canadian) emailed me on the 4th and wrote, “Did you mean to post a picture of a cat wacking the arm off the statue of liberty, on Independence Day? LOL” Ummm…I actually didn’t realize it was the 4th of July, and I never thought of it that way. Lol… oops. I was thinking, Catzilla creating turbulence, helicopters… yeah this works and it’s cute. My bad. Hope it didn’t offend anyone.

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    • Oh goodness! I didn’t even notice that about the cat! I didn’t realize you were Canadian either! I hope I can remember this. It’s hard keeping everyone’s whereabouts straight for me lol…And it didn’t offend me in the least. No worries Tina! 🤗 I’m not the easily offended type. 🙂 Now if someone was literally outright bashing, with outright mean intentions, that would be different. But you don’t strike me as someone who does that, so no worries!!! It’s all good! 😄 Thanks for pointing this out friend! Hope you have a great day!

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