July/“Celebrate the Star in You”


Purple Rose has tagged me in the July tag she and Dollface created together! She did the questions and Dollface did the rest.

Dollface’s Blog: https://dollfacedwriter.wordpress.com/

Thanks Purple Rose for the tag! This has been fun!!! ❤

DollFace writes: 

The Meaning of this Tag:

In the United States, July is a month about celebrating our freedom and independence that our soldiers and veterans have sacrificed their safety, time with family, and even their lives for. On the fourth of July we shoot off fireworks, grill outdoors, and spend time together as we remember their sacrifice and thank God for our country.

For this month’s tag, remember the sacrifices and hardships you’ve been through, look in the mirror, think about how far you’ve come, dream about where you want to go, and see yourself for the beautiful person you are. I hope you’ll see that YOU are someone worth celebrating. Celebrate the star in you because you, friend, shine like one. ❤

Make Every Word Count,

Dollfaced Writer

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post to yours.
  2. Link this post and DollFaced Writer’s post post so we can read them 😀
  3. Use the original featured image.
  4. Copy and paste the meaning of the tag into your post.
  5. Answer the questions.
  6. Tag at least one person.
  7. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your month! ❤

Here are the questions:

1. If you were a celebrity and had to change your name, what would it be?

Willow Heart? 🤷‍♀️


2. What creature(s) describe your personality? Why?

I took the quiz and I got…

ESFJ- Horse

ESFJs much like horses, are very people focused and dependable. ESFJ focus mainly on other peoples emotions and how their actions will effect the people around them. They are very naturally aware of how other people feel and what they need. They want everyone to be happy and content and seek to accomplish harmony. They do not understand indifference and prefer warm and caring environments. They base much of their actions on knowledge gathered from past experiences. Much like horses, the ESFJ have a respect for authority and duty, and tend to follow the rules.

***But I’m also a little like a slow loris, deer and owl, all except for the part of having to be organized and be on a dependable schedule.👀

INFP- Slow Loris

The Slow Loris, much like the INFP are very unique and rare creatures. Both the INFP and the Slow Loris are very internal beings. INFPs have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they stand by what set of morals they believe in. They have a fun and often offbeat sense of humor, which everyone may not understand but the people who do certainly appreciate it. INFPs are usually very loyal and caring to the people they choose to let into their inner circle. They have a full and imaginative inner world and in that aspect they resemble the unique and amazing Slow Loris.

ISFJ- Deer

Both the deer and the ISFJ are introverted and reserved. They often live their lives based on a dependable schedule and have strong emotional ties to past experiences.  ISFJ believe in harmony and seek to make the people around them happy and comfortable. The ISFJ are often seen as kind and dependable, much  like the adorable and sweet deer.


The owl is often seen as a symbol of wisdom and solitude, which is very much like the INTP. The INTP are very logical and analytical. The INTP want everything around them to make sense. Both owls and INTPs are very inward beings, and spend a lot of time inside their own logical minds, figuring things out and making sense of the world. The INTP do not ask for much and often can get by with the simple things in life, much like an owl who lives as an independent hunter.

Descriptions of Animal Personality Types found on https://personalitygrowth.com/myers-briggs-spirit-animals/


3. Share five songs that describe your life.

“Fighting for Me”-Riley Clemmons

“God Only Knows”- King & Country

“Scars”-I Am They

“Warrior”-Hannah Kerr

“Haven’t Seen It Yet”-Danny Gokey

This final song, although not my usual Christian, was the story of the younger me )

“It’s a Heartache”-Bonnie Tyler

4. What movie(s) closely resembles your life? Why?

Sorry Purple Rose…Honestly not trying to copy your answer here, but I have told myself so many times this was a movie about me.

I have always related to Belle. And actually every time I have done one of those Quiz Tests to see which Disney Princess I am, I end up Belle, every single time!

I, like Belle, have devoured books all my life, especially as a teen. I attracted the wrong guys like Gaston and Beast all my life-the rude and the arrogant.

The funny part is, I was picky in my teen years, had high expectations, and that’s why I didn’t actually go out on an “official” date till I was 18 and graduated lol. 😆

My first date was with a guy that was my love at first sight! I fell completely head-over-heels for him! I just knew we would eventually get married.

But he wasn’t as infatuated with me as I was him, and it devastated me. After he broke my heart, he made it clear he wanted to see other girls.

It tore what little self-esteem I had left to shreds, and I starting going out with the ones I felt sorry for after that, which is a big no-no. The messed up ones drag you down every time.

I stopping caring anymore. Things went down-hill for me after that. I don’t think I ever recovered from that actually…

5. Name three things you’re good at.

Seeing the good in people

Trying to love all people like Jesus would do

Listening and keeping secrets


6. What is your favorite life advice to give?

You only have one life, make the most of it.”

7. What do people love most about you? (Ask someone close for help on this one)

* Refer to question #5

Empathetic and compassionate.


For this tag I am tagging…











Please do not feel obligated to participate. We just like to have fun and get to know each other better



  1. Wow. This is so sweet. And sad too. But real. Stopped caring? I think not…
    Never fully recovered? Gained wisdom. Shall I continue 🙃?
    Thank you for thinking of me for this. It’s always nice to be invited. Always!Almost finished the sunshine award…heehee.🙈

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I guess I should explain that one lol. I stopped caring back then after he broke my heart. I’m over that part😆 I certainly didn’t gain the wisdom until years later! Thanks for that😊🤗 And I never know who wants to do these or not….I hope whoever wants to do it, will jump in and just do it! Will be fun to learn more about you and everyone else. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good one Renee! Isn’t it interesting how a broken heart from a relationship that failed can leave us so…so…defeated and feeling unwanted 😦 And yet it takes just one who takes the time to get to know us the right way to change everything 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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