Nonsense, Mayhem & Other Tomfoolery

Puff the Magic Dragon 🐉 may have hijacked my phone, ’cause sometimes when I commented and sent, POOF it be gone!

Too bad for the effort made on that last post response, maybe it only traveled by “Time Machine,” back to the Renaissance?

It’s anyone’s guess at this point in time–a glitch, server or fairy?–there seems to be no reason or rhyme!

Possibly it was a yeti, a monkey or a moose, All I know is mayhem has certainly been turned loose!

So pardon if I don’t answer that question or wonderful post, I seem to be lost in limbo at the moment, or perhaps I’M only a ghost???🤔👻🤖👽😈🤡

Here’s a 30 second Mayhem commercial for your viewing enjoyment while you’re waiting on my response😢…

….and then the crickets….🙄


  1. Hello. I saw your award at Nina’s blog and wanted to come visit and read yours. I love this post. I also love Puff the Magic Dragon. My little nephew actually watches it now and I love that he knows the theme song. It’s so sweet! I also love the Mayhem guy video. Beautiful blog. I love that name! Blessings on your day! (◡‿◡✿)

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