My Little Prince You Always Will Be

Hush my son, don’t fear, it’s only lightning, Papa’s here!

Close your eyes, and don’t you be afraid, you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

It wasn’t right, what to you was done, it breaks my heart to say he’s also my son.

I have great plans, Through all the disarray, it’s not for you to know but forgive–I will repay.

Don’t you know son, how proud I am of you, You don’t have to earn it to make it ring more true.

I created you with a purpose and value, You are more than those lies that were spoken over you!

Your Dad wasn’t always a good role model, So you need to know that my love will always follow.

Don’t be too proud, son to show affection to your own, step up and be that hero so they know they are not alone.

On your shoulders will rest such big responsibility, your little ones will look up to you as you look up to me.

Don’t be so hard on yourself as you will surely make mistakes, my Grace is all sufficient, your heart I will remake.

I will give you a new heart and take out the stone, from my great strength it was directly hewn.

Hush my son, from your fears I now set you free, my little prince you always will be.

~Renee Greene

Written In loving memory of my Dad–For you Dad….


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