Dear Friend…I Have Been There

This is a good one from my friend Stu!

Something to Stu Over


Dear friend,

I just want you to know that I have been there. I also understand that each story is different, though they are all filled with some hurt and disappointment.

I was that child that, despite many friends, was still lonely.

I was that kid who was very sexually curious.

I was that young adult who let that curiosity take him places he should not have gone.

I was that child who was molested…sadly. No child should EVER have to fall victim for someone else’s sin.

I was that teenager who could not figure out if he was gay or straight.

I was that young Christian who really did not understand what it meant to follow the REAL Christ and went astray.

I was the new husband who did not know what it meant to be one, in mind, body and soul, with my wife and made a lot…

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