Forgive Yourself? Rethinking It

This is a very powerful truth! I had to read it through twice and study myself about this! Only God has the power to forgive us. Great post Kathy!

Maggie Tiggles


I sometimes hear or read of the notion of forgiving yourself: “You need to forgive yourself.” “I need to forgive myself.” And it rattles me – shakes my core, unsettles my spirit. I kept wondering why it bothered me so. I searched Scripture, and found my answer.

The words, the concept, the idea of forgiving yourself is not in Scripture. It is nowhere mentioned in God’s Word that we should or need to forgive ourselves.

God’s Word is our guide. If it’s not in there, there’s good reason. In Revelation 22.18, 19, John admonishes us not to add to or take away from God’s Word.

God’s Word carries power; human words do not.

God’s Way works, ours does not. He will not give resources to do that which is not His will. If God does not tell us to do something, He will not provide the strength, the time, the…

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