(My late MIL’s embroidery)

She is an Amethyst quartz garden.

With courts of roses fair and exquisite.

A morea painted mystery.

In full bloom she is.

Her fragrance dances upon the breezes

Touches all who behold her beauty.

Weeping, the dew falls from her delicate gossamer petals.

She doesn’t know that she is beautiful.

Doesn’t feel she is beautiful.

But the angels recognize she is true.

They regard her fragile beauty.

Her generous heart.

She grows in purity.

With love she gives.

Her name is Lila.

She is a garden.

A mystery.

An amethyst.

By: Renee Greene

(For my Purple friend)


  1. Hey, friend! I know I already commented on this post but I wanted to ask for you to keep me in your prayers, please. I have been having some big health problems. You can find out all the details on my latest post. Thank you so much in advance!❤

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