Master of the Wind

Master of the Wind by Candy Hemphill

I haven’t thought of this song in years. It’s an oldie but a goodie, but it came to my mind. I just had to listen to it. I hope it blesses somebody out there like it did me this morning!

Prayer will put cement in your shoe—It will keep you grounded~My pastor’s quote from this morning’s service.

Greater Than All My Regrets By Tenth Avenue North

Oh wow! I heard this on my way from church for the first time! I had to come back, edit and add!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! ⛪️ 🙏🏼🙌🏼💃🏼🎶


  1. I love this song and got a chance to sing it this past summer. I was in a little church, no sound system so I just sang it without music which ended up being the most affective. People were crying due to the message, thank God He can Master all elements.

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    • Wow Betty! I can imagine there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house! It really ministers to the heart! I would love to hear you sing it in one of your videos, like you did with your grandson. That would be awesome! Yes thank God that he is the master of all his creation!


  2. Hi – late to this post – but hope your week is off to a great start my friend – and the tenth avenue north song is nice – have not heard from them in a while (used to love hands and feet song like 12 years ago – loved it for videos)

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    • Thank you! No worries…🤗 This is a busy time of year! I will probably never catch up at this point….I wondered what had happened to them. Maybe they had taken a break…Hope your day is great and Thanksgiving will be blessed! 🙂

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