Thankful for Giving

My Baby Girl has penned perfectly our lovely memories gone by…I sure miss those two…my Dad and stepmom. Hope you are gathered near with your loved ones on this wonderful Thanksgiving! 🦃 📷

Lily of the virgo

I am thankful for this day that we can all come together once a year as a family to share a dinner. Such a nostalgic experience. Growing up, we all had thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas place. As the years go by it seems we have to make do with what we have. This year we will go to auntie’s. Next may be a cousins. One year we may not gather at all. Its days like this that I really miss the bountiful feast of a Grandma Gathering.

She was a feisty one. She believed it was okay to use any curse word so long as she was quoting someone. She was hunched over due to a medical condition but could run circles around any young person. She hand sewn quilts from a device that attached to the ceiling. She had weathered, raven hair that pretty much touched the floor, gracefully…

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