Tis The Season To Stay Out Of The Stores!

🎶 Tis the season to be anxious, fa la la la la, la la la la! Don we now our nervous laughter, fa la la la la…..Jesus help me just get out of this store…fa la la la la la….Lady just check the items and nobody gets hurt…fa la la la la, la la la….. LAA…aahhhh!!! 😩😂😂😂

Does ANY of this sound familiar to you???? 🤦‍♀️

And folks it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, much less Black Friday or the Christmas season!!!!

Prayer, quiet solitude and rest is the only thing that helps me through this season anymore! The sad part is I use to really enjoy shopping in the stores this time of year. It’s really sad…. 😢

What happened to my favorite carefree holiday that I dearly loved all these years?

A lovely scene from an earlier, more peaceful parking lot.

Who knew just going into Walmart for a few items this time of year could trigger so much anxiety? Ever since they remodeled their stores, they have turned the music up so blaringly loud, (And now it’s Christmas music which started the day after Halloween) you can’t even focus or talk to whoever you came in with.

I thought it was just our hometown’s, but it was the same when I went out of town yesterday! And if you have a grand baby in the mix, it makes for a crying or fussing one, not to mention an overly talkative customer in the check-out line ahead who would not stop talking to the cashier, even though she knew we had a fussy baby behind her!

I finally had to say something. “Mam we are in a hurry, the baby is about to start screaming!” While we were in the store, my daughter had gotten one of those sudden migraines and was so sick that we were honestly trying to just get out of there! All the self-checkouts were full.

If it weren’t for the fact that we desperately needed those diapers and wipes and toilet paper (lol) we would have had to just leave everything in the shopping cart and make a quick exit!!!

The loud music and bright lights had rendered her useless and so nauseated! We HAD to get out of there!!!

I saw a short line, so we quickly got into it, as the woman ahead had all her items in her cart and was just about to pay for the items. We should have been able to hurry through and get gone. But NO…….

Let’s just say, the woman had some issues going on and went into a broken record mode for 5 minutes! (It felt more like 15!) I think a Welch’s grape drink fell out of her purse, and she went into a spill that she had brought it from home.

She kept rattling off more nonsense and put it onto the counter to try to pay for it. When the woman rang it up, she thought the price was too high, so she said she wasn’t paying for it and told the cashier to put it back.

Then, she started fumbling through her shopping bags and then her purse, while we were still waiting in the line, which had another person behind us at this point. She turned to us and told us she had brought it from home, but we could see there were more drinks in her purse…

I had to take to rolling the shopping cart back and forth in a rocking fashion to try to get Silas pacified a few minutes longer.

The cashier finally was able to start checking our items out, before she starting in on the broken record again, but the woman would not move out of the way!!! I repeated again that we were in a hurry, and the baby was about to have a fit, could she please move her shopping cart.

Guys, it was like she wasn’t listening to anyone around her! Who knows, maybe the music had gotten to her, too?!!! 😳😱

She kept digging around in her shopping bags. I had to squeeze in on the left of the counter and her cart to pay for the items and grab the few bags and lift the huge package of toilet paper over my head for the whole world to see! 🤦‍♀️

When we finally got checked out, bags thrown under our cart that was still behind hers, she finally started moving her cart along. She was going in the same direction as we were at a snail’s pace and then tried to stop and explain her situation again, as we reminded her we were on the way to the bathroom with the baby who needed a diaper change.

She was obviously having some kind of episode. Normally, I would have tried to help, if I had not had a grandbaby about to have a melt-down and a sick daughter about to have an anxiety attack, not to mention myself at this point!

We had to fly around her towards the bathroom. I tore open the pack of diapers we had just paid for at the entrance of the bathroom. We had used the last one when we had first entered the store in the first diaper change there. (By the way, the front bathroom was closed for cleaning at that time, so we had to make a bee-line for the back bathroom!)

Grabbing the diaper bag and baby, I entered the bathroom to find it full to capacity, with people standing in line, waiting. The changing station was being occupied with no hopes of being done anytime soon….

I felt like I was about to lose it! We had to make a mad dash for the car! Have you ever tried changing a crying baby on curved car seats?! My daughter and I had to turn on some very low, peaceful lullaby music to quieten us all, before we could even leave out of the parking lot! 😳😳😳😳😳

At least the bird was happy lol

Yep👍🏼….Tis the season to stay out of the stores! 😜 Maybe a little online shopping wouldn’t hurt! 🤗💜

Just in case I don’t get to say it tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


  1. Renee, that sounded just like one of my shopping episodes!! I really don’t like shopping this time of year. People are always so grumpy, pushy, slow, always want to talk with the cashiers about their sister’s brother’s uncle’s daughters gifts from last year. We had 2 ladies in our Walmart actually get into a fight over an item and they had to call the police! I thought this was supposed to be a happy time of year? I admit, I get kind of frustrated sometimes.😂😂😹😹

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  2. 😂😂 Sounds like an eventful afternoon. You handled it waaaayyyyy better than I would have. My mouth can get me in trouble quick when I get frustrated like you were.

    When she told the cashier she wasn’t paying for it and to put it back the cashier should have reached over and out it back in her purse 😂

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  3. Oh by the way yall.. mama failed to mention. That the reason why she was so nervous.. we found out is because she was SHOPLIFTING GRAPE JUICE LOL she had about 4 or 5 bottles of them underneath her TWO purses.


  4. I agree Renee. I am “old school” and not ashamed to admit it to anyone. Between the extended Christmas shopping season (beginning right after Halloween) and the extended Presidential election cycle, I have tried to keep my heard above water. Perhaps there is a poem waiting in the wings to be written.

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