She is Merah – Otherwise Known as Wofiira




Possessing fiery red hair

And the courage of a lion,

She is Merah,Wofiira

—A daughter of Zion!

Warrior in battle

Marching bravely on,

Wielding a sword of Truth

With wisdom far beyond.

She doesn’t know she’s beautiful

Both inside and out,

Lives are changed by those

Who meet her, no doubt.

Here’s to her many attributes

And a prayer our friendship never ends!

Happy Birthday, I love you

So blessed to call you my friend!❤️


  1. I humbly thank you for your kind words, I love your poem and this truly touched my ❤️💯, to our are the sweetest most thoughtful friend ever 💕 Blessings and I love you back sweet friend,🤗😭😭😭

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