A Rose By Any Other Name

My Mother’s Day!!!

Mother’s Day flowers & card
Mom & Me
My Baby Girls & Me
Mom & Nerene
Blessed to have Two Moms

Ok so I had to bake the chocolate cake, Amy …. (my Aunt Ruthies’s recipe)

Family requested potato salad

…and needed to make the chocolate gravy, Stacey !!!

Which was divine and reminded me of my favorite chocolate doughnuts, when drizzled over homemade biscuits!!! I am sure to be making this quite often!!! The fam loved it! Thanks for sharing the recipe!


      • Wow! How cool was that? Stu the photographer! …We are still learning new and amazing things about Stu’s World! 😆

        As much money as we pay for these phones, it would be nice if they were perfect as actual cameras. If the broken lens in my Cannon wasn’t so expensive to replace, I would love to use it again… 😢


      • Yep, I had several photos chosen for magazines to go with a concert review😊.

        My camera was basically destroyed in the flood we had five years ago. It was in storage along with my comics and some Stryper memorabilia…all lost😭


      • Oh no! I hate to hear you lost a lot of your possessions in that way! That would have to be really hard to take… 😢 So sorry! I think that was the year the flooding was bad all over LA wasn’t it? Angel lived in a safe place, but their town got flooded. They could not get out in either direction. It scared me to death! It was awful! I shared her experience in a post.

        Did you write a post about your experience?

        I’m glad your photos got chosen for magazines! You will cherish those memories !


      • Yeah, it was bad everywhere 😥

        I didn’t write a post about it. I was too busy once I could get out of town driving between Shreveport and Rayville helping Angie and her parents out. They lost a lot more than I did. It hurt me seeing Angie go through such priceless memories only to have to throw them out because they were unsalvageable 😭

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      • It was. A lot of those things belonged to her son Matthew that she had been holding onto. But me being there made our relationship stronger. It was a time I would never change.

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      • It’s nice to know that someone out there is thinking of me. 😊 And vice versa! Hope your garden grows beautifully! The gardenia has started to bloom! I saw 2 blossoms, and the magnolias, too.

        We planted a vegetable garden for the first time in years! We are enjoying the bounty! So far the squash, cucumbers, banana peppers, bell peppers, have produced. Tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupe, okra, peas, corn, zucchini, jalapeños soon to come! I’m looking forward to good ole southern green fried tomatoes and fried okra! 😋

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      • Oh wow, Renee sounds like paradise! I love fried okra. Pickled too. All of it! Oh and gardenia. Lovely to walk around your garden and imagine the fragrance.

        Tomatoes are waiting to go in the ground—we had nickel sized hail the other day—and me running around in it moving pots of lettuce under cover! Ha! Glad you are planting veggies—and enjoying. Gardening is a great blessing.

        You are dear friend, in my thoughts—just thinking of your lovely smile makes me smile too! 😊🌈🌻

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      • Thanks, you are so sweet!💕…The deer has nibbled our peas! I pray they can still produce. 😢
        Gracious! Hail can be scary! We had some at the end of April and tornadoes to boot! Stay safe my friend! I can just see you scrambling around in it, getting ponked in the head like ping pong balls! 😱🙈 Love from one smiley friend to another! 😁😃😆🐇💪🏼👩‍🌾🥕

        Oh my, how I love pickled okra! I love it cooked in with peas, also! I know your tomatoes are going to be delicious! I love salsa, tomato gravy, tomato sandwiches, chili made with them!

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      • Ahh the beauty of wildlife…until they eat the whole garden! Ha! But I do love seeing them too…
        Yep—ponked on the nogan! What a storm. Lighting thunder hail. Awesome…
        Fresh veggies from the garden—yum! Little things…
        Be well, sweet friend and stay safe!💓🌈🐝🌻💃

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  1. I’m so glad the chocolate gravy turned out well! 🙂 I’m just tickled pink about that lol, and on such a sweet occasion, nonetheless! Also, I’m just rejoicing with you that your day was so special. Your girls are absolutely beautiful, looking so much like their mama ❤ And your mother(s)… so elegant! Thank you for sharing these special things with us.

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