God Will Come To You


I have a feeling every woman needs to read this one! It hit home with me…like a brick slamming me straight between the eyes! 😂

Take care of yourself mothers, grandmothers…there’s only ONE you! That is some great advice there shared with me recently.


      • Yes, it was a great mother day. We are in Northern Mn. with our daughter and family for the summer living in our rv. Very peaceful and calm up here. As much as we miss our son and family and three younger children in southern Ca., it was time for us to move and God so worked everything out for us to do so. Our base to travel out of will be Mn from now on. We will spend six months in Ca., six months in Mn., or that is our plan. We’ll have to wait and see what God has in store for us. Hope you Mother Day was a good one.

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      • Betty, you are brave! My hubby would love that plan. He has always wanted to sell everything and travel by RV when he retires. I am too much of a homebody. I would love to travel though.
        I know God has great plans for you and your husband and your endeavors! I pray that you will be used of God no matter where you are!
        I had a great Mother’s Day! Glad it was a good one for you! 🤗
        Wow! After commenting on this, I went over to check your latest posts out….and realized you “don’t like anyone messing with your nest” either! I love the Paul Tripp quotes!
        Sorry to hear about your hubby’s heart troubles. Will be praying for him! 🙏🏼💜


  1. Oh my goodness, this is sooooooooooooo good and I really appreciate you sharing this. I have always felt bad for not being able to have more quiet prayer time, getting away and communing with God………but I couldn’t. I was either too ill or taking care of my family but I am always taking and praying…….it is just part of my day. thank you again…….it lifted my spirit. 🙂

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    • Wendi, your comment just blessed the socks off me! Thanks so much! It helps to know that other people can relate to something we read and found helpful. Can you imagine being busy about our day or in bed ill and all of a sudden, Jesus just meeting you where you are? That has happened to me so many times! To know we have a Savior that cares about what concerns us! He knows we don’t have much time to ourselves as women and mothers, so He sometimes has to come to us! I’m so grateful for that!

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  2. Hi Renee, I am responding to your “About” page: The “real job” resonates with me, although it made sense at the time. Very interesting how your spark for writing ignited when you were a young girl. I use the phrase “Happy Place” for my writing and reading. Something else we have in common.😄

    A beautiful post, Renee 💕 Amanda’s (Heather’s) post, left me brimming with tears, yet made me smile. Thank you, I needed to hear this.💗

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    • Awe thanks and for visiting my “About Me” page, Erica. I am still in the process of changing things around and still learning how to create a drop-down menu..I am technically challenged, apparently lol.
      Yes, some don’t understand the need to write, because they relate work to something that can be done physically and not mentally created.
      Amanda’s post really got me to thinking and got the tears flowing! Glad it helped! 🤗🌷

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