Doggy Hospital

Pray for my sweet pup, Chess. It seems he’s danced a not-so-fun tango with a dreaded copperhead and was bitten in the leg. We had to take him to the vet today, and he is staying overnight for fluids and antibiotics. God love him! He looked so miserable and in pain.

The vet says a leg is a bad place to be bitten. The real dangerous lies in infection setting up in the leg, so he will be on antibiotics for a while.

There have been several rattlesnakes and copperheads found in our neighborhood recently. So the snakes are out! I just hate Chess had to find out the hard way! 😢

If you live in the country, watch where you step! Be safe!


Chess was eating and drinking this morning and able to walk. He’s at home in a kennel. He seems to be doing great and will have to keep an eye on his leg, so infection won’t set in. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PRAYERS!!!! I appreciate them all! 💜💜💜 🐕 Chess thanks you, too! 😇


  1. Praying for Chess🙏🏻😭 Double check all children’s toys outside, the snake hide inside them , under them, like wagons, fisher price push toys/ cars, trampolines , I check everything before children play and found 6 ft snake😱 and I found a bed of black baby snakes in my flower bed! Please be safe! Again prayers for Chess!🙏🏻🤗🙌🏻

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    • Oh my goodness! We will have to do that! Their little small toys are in a bucket on the front porch, but the bigger toys are behind our shed.
      Thanks for the prayers, Debbie, Chess is going better this morning. We will pick him up in a little while. We just have to keep a watch on that leg!

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  2. Renee, I am so sorry to read what happen to your dog. I have a baby black kitten sleeping on my couch right now, I am sort of babysitting and I love it. As soon as we get out of our rv and into our little place I am getting a puppy and maybe a kitten to raise together. Of course that is my wish. Winters are long and hard in northern Mn. so perfect time to spend time training them and enjoying having our own place and maybe an animal, one at least. Will be praying, snake bites can be hard to heal from.

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    • Grandma Betty babysitting the grand kitten! I love it! Animals are so wonderful to have. I am what I call animal poor over here! 3 dogs and a cat! 🙄 Our neighbor’s dog has adopted our furbabies as friends. His owner has tried to get him to stay home, and he comes right back over here. He loves to hang with the big dogs 😂
      I hope Chess pulls through this. He don’t feel good for sure.

      I sure hope you get to own a pet soon! Can’t wait to see pics of the cabin finished!


      • Awesome!

        We’re doing well on my end. I just struggle with this blog. Some days I think about deleting it and some days I just don’t know lol..

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      • It’s just a season, John. Things are busy and tensions are high. I know I can’t blog every day like I use to. And it’s that way for others, too. I pray WP can be a source of hope, inspiration and joy for every one of us. If we need prayer, we reach out to our sisters and brothers. Community. Hang in there. Keep the faith.

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