Cover Me

Cover Me—Mark Condon

I pray Jesus covers you in the only peace that passes ALL understanding. The sort that blows your mind!

Peace Of God

Peace of God cover me

When I am lonely, cover me

When I’m in doubt-cover me

When I am drowning

Cover me.

Only you can cover me

As a quilt on the coldest of days.

Wrap me safe—

Inside your everlasting arms.

Cover me.

Renee Greene



  1. I really needed this today! Today could be the worst day of my life or the best… today we find out if my dad is going to have to start chemo or radiation and also today, I go and take my permit test I could either fail or pass that… so thank you for posting this, I needed it.❤

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  2. […] I always said I wanted to be the kind of person to help people and bring them to a refreshing place if it was at all possible. After manic depression and failed suicide attempts, I didn’t want to turn into that silent Christian who would rather not dirty themselves with the plight of the desperate. A believer who ignored the wayward ones like me, who were world-dirty and at the end of their rope. No, I prayed for eyes to see and words that would serve as a Balm to their soul. […]


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