Goodbye or Good Riddance Tag

Wow, this tag came at a good time. I’ve been working on a post to sum up 2020. 😝

I haven’t had much extra time this year. My hands have been full and happy though, keeping my grandbaby, while my youngest daughter works part time. Silas has just learned to walk this past week!

Mere words cannot express this crazy year, so I will let the following Gifs do it for me.

If 2020 were a snowman…GOOD RIDDANCE!

Here is the original link from Matt at Jesus Luvs All. Thank you for tagging me in this cool tag! 🤗

The way the 2020 Goodbye or Good Riddance Tag works:

Share the link to the original post- 2020 Goodbye or Good Riddance

Use any appropriate photo you like

Share your thoughts about 2020

Tag whoever you like.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

If they wish to participate, I am tagging:



Lisa Mae





    • You are welcome, my friend! When I’m doing it from my phone app, I hit the + on a block paragraph, then click “image.” There is a list when you click on that. Free media, photos (from your phone) and Gifs. It may not be exactly in those words. I hope you can do it from there.
      Matt created an awesome tag!

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  1. fun way to meet the challenge and congrats on the grand baby walking – woo hoo – big milestone – we were able to see my step-daughter’s children last month and her youngest (7 months) is almost walking

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