Hopeful Thoughts Us-ward


A huge apple snack (mess) I was cleaning up in kitchen
Sorry for the messy photos! I was cleaning up here after making homemade chicken & dumplings and stopped short…to see the heart out of left-over dumpling dough to the bottom far right.
The pot of dumplings I had scraped and rinsed out, getting it ready to wash—another heart. Sorry if any of these gross you out. 😜😝
A pic of Leah, Amy at A New Life sent to me. Isn’t it adorable? Her braids made a heart!

Amy at A New Life

I think I was stirring the pot when I saw the heart to the bottom left.

The point I’m trying to make through all the turmoil in this world is, stand strong.


There’s so much to be discouraged over right now, but let God’s hope and agape love rise up inside you! He loves you so so much, and He’s taking care of you! Can you see His love letters to you, His love tokens He sends day by day?

How about that good report you got from the doctor? Maybe it was a love/heart token to you saying, I’m in control, my love! There’s no need to fret. I’ve taken care of it!

What about that blessing you received from a friend? Words that made you cry, a card that touched your heart?

A near miss in traffic? A kind look or gesture from a stranger? Maybe it was God’s handy work?

Be of good cheer today! Don’t be discouraged! I was reminded last night that God can turn anything around! Just “one” miracle from God can change it all and turn things around!

Happy Sunday!!! Be blessed!

Reason/by Unspoken


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