Happy is as Happy…

HAPPY is as happy does.

—Handsome IS as handsome does. Same principle, same difference. 😄

If you don’t like your output, change the input.

This cracked me up! Add some laughter into the equation for added benefits and blessings!

“You are what you think about.”

So think on the good. Keep your hearts and minds sober and diligent. Be aware of everything you are feeding your soul.

Before you indulge in any form of entertainment or conversation ask yourself these questions. Is it true? Is it lovely and of good report? What about pure and wholesome? What would Jesus think or do?

Think on the good things, not the negative. Isn’t this so hard to do in the day and times we are living in, considering the news is chock-full of negativity?


And finally….if you want positive results….


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