After being sick and waking up in the middle of the night, I began praying and finished this poem 5 minutes after. Heaven was on my mind. I wish I could do it justice by mere words, but I know they will never compare to the beauty of what truly lies in store for us over there some day.

I heard the news yesterday, the day after writing this poem. Our bishop’s wife’s brother gained his wings. This is for you Reverend James Carney. A wonderful man of God. May you Rest In Peace.🙏🏼😇😢

Beulah Land, I am longing for you

‘This world is not my home

I’m just passing through’

What truth those sweet lyrics sang

With every breath Moma’s voice drew.

Heaven —

The place I long to be

Oh to spread my wings upward

This very moment, an angel so carefree.

I’m laying up treasure

Somewhere on the other side

With my Savior forever

My heart will abide.

Can you but see the streets?

In gold they are adorned

Our faces reflected in crystal waters

Where we thirst nevermore.

I’m buying my ticket now

Reserving my place over there

The happy throng awaits me

Burdens no longer to bear.

The angels are a’calling

I must needs go…

I’m homesick for Heaven

Finally going home.

~Written by: Renee Greene

From heaven’s open door

The lion will lay down with the lamb.


    • Choima, I was just sharing with someone recently the same thing, that I’m not afraid to die. It doesn’t scare me. I guess when a person faces an illness that could have very well taken them out of this world, they come to grips with it. I know there’s no need to fear dying when it’s our time to go, if we are right with the Lord, because His angels come to carry us home. That thought brings me lots of peace!


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