Choose Love

From my hubby

Love never fails…

I Corinthians 13:8

Hearts, chocolates and flowers are taking up space of every store and in a lot of homes today — It’s Valentines Day after all! We simply must show we care.

My heart is overcome this morning with a question I must ask us all. A very fitting question for a “LOVEly” holiday.

What is dwelling inside your heart?

A tiny arrow of frustration caused by something your spouse may have done to hurt your feelings? Or the painful worry from different ones not getting along? Maybe there is brokenness or sickness threatening to split your pumping heart right in two.

Here’s a powerful scripture for a new heart focus. Very fitting for this glorious Cupid’s Day.

Now if I’m being honest here, there’s not much visible love going on in the world right now. This one is upset with how this situation turned out. That one is complaining about something else gone wrong. And everyone in between is feeling the fire. We are all guilty of failing in any one area or all. It’s obvious we are in need of a heart change.

It doesn’t make any one person a bad person, don’t get me wrong. It just means that we are very much human, not a robot.

We are suppose to feel emotions.

We get hurt, angry, sad, depressed, frustrated and then some. Just as Jesus did while on earth. In John 19:28, He was thirsty. He wept according to Luke 19:41. Jesus even sighed. (Mark 7:34) With a body that wasn’t yet glorified, He was all covered with flesh. Very much like ours today, but without sin.

In the 13th chapter of John, Jesus left us sound and clear instructions to follow. This chapter covered quite a bit of events that took place before the Passover. Here we have Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. The enemy putting the foolish notion into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus. And Jesus revealing to them that one in their midst would betray him. Even Peter wouldn’t be spared from failure here- he failed three times, to be exact.

How many of us can say we have been there also? I think all hands are raised at this point. We are imperfect. If we are cut, we bleed. None of us have had the pleasure of walking on water yet. (maybe in Heaven some day 🤔)

In the same chapter, at the end of the very first verse, lies a powerful truth. I would like to believe if Jesus had a grave marker on this earth, this would have been written on it.

He loved them unto the end.

Even when it hurt.

Even when His love was not reciprocated. When He was spit on. Mocked.

Persecuted. Rejected. Talked about.

When He was misunderstood.

And someone didn’t hold the same opinion as His. While He was stabbed in His side. Even when His enemies turned their noses up at Him.

Jesus’ love is the greatest example of love that ever lived or ever will. His love was evident with the suffering He endured on the cross.

He loved you that much. He loved me that much. He overlooked it all.

Can we? Unto the end?

If tonight was the last night any of us were here, could we love like that?

Whatever is bothering you today or yesterday, for that matter.



And let it go.

Choose love, my friend. It will never, ever fail! It always hopes for the best.


Let’s Pray.

Jesus, we know we don’t come anywhere near as perfect as You, but we’re asking You to give us a heart like Yours. A heart that sees only the best in our fellow man. A heart that loves like you did — until the end.



  1. Oh Renee! What a beautiful message of the love of Jesus. Your words were just perfect for me to read right now, and at the best moment. You’re blessed your hubby gave you those chocolates and flowers, so very pretty. And, I love the cheeto, girl!! You know I do!😄😘😍❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • So amazing! And that is God!
      I don’t know if I have ever told you this, Warren, but I will never forget, you were the first person to welcome me to WP! I had no idea how to blog! 😂 You encouraged me to keep writing. Thank you for that! You have been a blessing in this community. Thank you for sharing God’s love through your writing. God Bless you! 🙂


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