You Are An Eagle, My Dear

Leave the nest

Or stay still

God she just wants

YOUR Will.

Not hers

But thine be done

A new way of thinking

Already begun.

This is her comfort

Yet she was created to fly

Beyond a soft nest of feathers

She must say goodbye.

Overlooking a view so majestic

It’s all she knows

Still on the wings of the wind

She must bravely go.

Step out to the edge

Let go of the fear





  1. Oh Sis, this is SUCH a confirmation to me!! I just watched a Jeff Arnold sermon last night called “Disturbed into your Destiny” and it was just…WOW! And then I log on here and read this!! Thank you for sharing!! ❤

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      • Ah, it’s ok Renee! When I read this it made me think of all the people that, unlike me, were forced to stay home during the pandemic. They become content in their homes scared to step outside from fear. It’s time for them to come out and live!

        And then yesterday watching Angie become an eagle herself…yeah😭 She got out of her comfort zone and went out to eat with me then we went shopping. Her body hurts all over yet she says she is not going to let it keep her down any longer!

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      • Wow! I am amazed at how many different ways this poem was seen from people. My oldest sister said it reminded her of when a mother has to let her child go when it’s time for them to be an adult. God is still blowing my mind how He speaks to every one of us!He knows just what we all need to hear.
        That pic was me outside in my yard during the pandemic with my daughter. We were playing around taking pics. We were stir crazy and had to get out of the house. I may leave this world, but it won’t be by fear. I still get out there. Im so proud of Angie! That took a lot of guts, knowing she is sick in her body. She loves you so much. I believe she is definitely an eagle! 🙌🏼

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