Image credit: author This post is inspired by Ms. Renee of Heart tokens. She loves hearts and sees them in various places and circumstances. Because …


A sweet heart token from Pene! Go over and show her some love, and give her a little follow if you don’t already! God loves you today my friend!💜


  1. This is lovely, Renee! I’m a ‘heart’ girl too ☺️ See them everywhere and they’re quite special to me as well. My dad gave me my first gift of one, made it for me when i was small. I’m still blessed to have it near. Take care, and happy heart finding! Suzanne ❤️🤗

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  2. Awe, I’m so glad you have “heart,” as well! 💜I think God knows what touches our heart. He’s always reminding us we are a “Daddy’s Girl,” and that He loves us very much! 💜🌷💕🎁

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