Call Again To Your Remembrance

"Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward." Isaiah 58:8

Look towards the hills. That’s where your help is coming from. Your God always reigns there. Call out to Him.

There is no war that will ever come against your soul, that God cannot win.

You have seen God come through before. You will see Him come through again.

He goes before you. He walks beside you. He’s your rearguard.

NO weapon that is formed against you shall prosper! No dagger the enemy throws shall harm you.

You have walked this road before.


REMEMBER who you are.

Remember WHOSE you are.

You are royalty. A child of the Most High.

Stir up the times He’s given you the victory. His goodness you have seen. The cancer He has healed. The heart problems that vanished.

Kept you safe, when you were unaware. The wrecks He prevented. The angels He sent to guard you while you slept.

You have seen trouble before. This is not too hard for Him to fix.

He said, “Let there be light.” And there WAS light. He is all powerful. MORE THAN able.

So brush off those fears the enemy has sent your way. Those doubts. They are nothing but lies. Darts to take your faith. Your joy. Your peace.

You will see the mountains move again.

You will see mountains fall.

You will see the very thing you’ve been praying for!


Build yourself up, but not in you.

Build it in Me.

Build it in your most holy faith.

And PRAY! PRAY! PRAY in the Holy Ghost. You shall see your victory unfold before your very eyes.

BELOVED, I have done it before, I will do it again! All things are possible to those who BELIEVE.

Do you remember NOW?

Remember-Lauren Daigle


  1. Beautiful , Father God thanks for your Renee’s Heart , Thank you that you have given her a dream-brave-heart, She sees everything from your eyes as with her life she blesses many. I stand and pray on this platform to multiply the good news of heaven by her heart and writing that your name be glorified more and more. In your mighty Name I prayed.Amen

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    • May we never take Him for granted. But if we do, I pray He keeps teaching us until we learn to get it right! Thank you so much, Alicia! There’s no telling how many times He has spared us all from all kinds of harm!

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  2. One can never remember enough the goodness of the Lord, thankful for my mind which is the gate to remembering. Only a Holy God could have designed it to do all it does and all it contains. The importance of why we are suppose to read and memorize the Bible. Putting truth into us so it can be brought to the surface of our mind when needed, and God gave us memory as our gift.

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      • thanks – and it was nice to “see” you drop by – I still have a hard copy of my book to send you and plan to make sure I dod that this summer.
        so sifted to get it your way too – and will email you soon

        have a great day and TTYS

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      • Well i did have a great day (praise Gid for that)
        And I almost grabbed you a book from the fifty cent book store – it was an ideas for retirement kind of boo and I was going to add it to the hard copy I ha e to send you of avian friends
        But I out the book back because the first pages I skimmed said to ha e some wine???
        I took a photo to show you later –
        Anyhow – that book went back and I will ha w to find something else to put in with the book – well don’t have to – but want to.
        Okay / hope you have a nice start to July!

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      • Yvette, so glad your day has been a good one so far! I’ve been mowing grass today. I had to stop because of rain…Wow, I haven’t been to a book store like that in years! 💜 Makes me smile. Whenever I did, I was like a kid in a candy shop! I’ve always loved reading. I’m just now starting back to reading a little more every day. That book sounded interesting about retirement ideas. 🙂 If it was just a small part about that, I could have skipped over to the nonalcoholic section. 😆😉 Unless that was their entire idea of how to retire. That also made me smile. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂

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      • Well now I wish I would have gotten it! If I say anymore before I mail you your book I will grab it.
        And funny you should mention mowing grass because I was reading a “women’s” daily devotional from Joyce Meyers – it was an old one on my mothers bookshelf – and one entry mentioned mowing grass – and I stooped and really wondered how many women mowed grass – I know that I do now and again – but I do not know many women that do and I wondered if Joyce ever did – and the entry topic seemed out of place – so anyhow – reading what you wrote about cutting the grass was like “yup /
        Some women do cut the grass still!”
        And I sometimes like to (the front that is not too hard) because it is a great workout and had immediate rewards as you do line after like of grass hair cuts


  3. Yup! So now you know! Some women do still cut grass. I actually enjoy it. It’s therapeutic, just riding along, catching some rays, thinking, praying, singing….We have a zero turn, so it cuts more at a time, but still takes hours to finish. And hubby bush hogs along the backside of the property. Not as often as mowing though. We still had some huge limbs that had to be picked up, left over from Hurricane Zeta on the back side. We’ve had to take it in stages! It’s been a job for sure!


    • Richard, you are truly a blessing here in our little cozy community! Always blessings others…thanks so much for these kind words! Lauren’s music always feels like a prayer and breath of fresh air to me. Thanks again!

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