Never Alone

Enlarged, upright version to the next pic
See the sideways heart middle left

When the enemy comes knocking, whispers no one cares for your soul, Tis a lie from the fiery furnace, this you must believe, must know.

For you have a loving Father, who sends countless tokens your way, love straight from His heart, to brighten your day.

Don’t think for a minute, you are not forever on his mind, He will love you through the loneliness, send you a covenant sign.

A heart to show He is near, a love letter to show His care, you are never alone, my friend, He is unfailingly, ALWAYS there! ~Renee Greene

Heart from Abigail, Amy‘s


    • 🎶No, no, never alone! No, never alone…He promised never to leave us, never, no never alone! 🎶🎵 (song)
      Thank you, Richard. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure! Up and down. We are over our quarantine. Thank goodness for that. The heat got me feeling bad last Thursday trying to get out and get an oil change for my car, so I returned to the doctor the next day…back on antibiotics. Feeling much better today. 🙌🏼

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  1. Yes, this is so true! I can remember different times when I felt down (or worried) and I would see a license plate/bumper sticker that said a bible verse or something inspirational. Or someone would give me a compliment or do a kind gesture. God knows what we need and sends it at the right time!

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