Bridegroom Is Calling

“A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”
I love to hear the church bells ringing in our little town.

The church sat as a beacon in the city, A “lighthouse” pointing the way, shining Light out to the hungry, a healing place for the shipwrecked astray.

Jesus whispers no need to come perfect, Place your trust in Me– Friend, I’m here waiting, what do you need set free?

Chiming Bells a’ ringing, A depth of love – plain as day, gently His Spirit is drawing, Drawing you to His way.

Calloused hands uplifting, delicate hands alike, every pew will be filled, praising melodies ringing in delight.

Will you but bravely come, Surrender all your chains? Find an altar of prayer, be buried in His Name?

Bring your scars and your brokenness, Feel the Comforter ever near, Taste and see that He’s good, Let Him calm all your fears.

Can you hear the bells a’ ringing, So sweet and so true? The Bridegroom is coming soon, Can you hear Him calling out to you?


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