Hinged on Faith

Keeping my faith hasn’t always been easy in my walk with God. I admit, it took a lot of and still requires having a backbone like a sawlog.

First of all, A sawlog is strong and durable, a log suitable for sawing and processing into lumber at a sawmill.

And in case you’re also wondering what it means to have a backbone, it simply means it’s a symbol of being strong, holding on and having courage.

It’s never been more important to “keep our faith” than it is right now. With so much suffering in this world at the moment, we have to keep our faith through all these difficult times.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worthy of mentioning again, a man of God told me once these simple, profound words staying with me since his passing.


I pondered on those words, honestly. At the time, I just didn’t get it. I struggled many days with weak faith, simply because I found it hard to grasp “how” to have faith.

One day, a lightbulb came on, and I believe God helped me to understand how important that step was in my life.

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. And I knew it. I struggled with the concept of “how.” Every time I tried to have faith, doubt clouded my vision. I was looking at the tangible things I could see, hear and feel.

I tried to believe God for things, but always there was the question in my mind, He can do it for other people, but He probably won’t do it for me. Remember that time you messed up?

I never realized that faith is just BELIEVING God can do something, no strings attached. With no conditions having to be met, except for hearing the Word of God.

In Mark 11:24 it says “when you pray BELIEVE you receive.” You must believe God answers your prayers when you pray.

I think I was leaning on my own understanding, instead of believing God would even want to do it for me.

I didn’t have much confidence in myself and didn’t feel God had much in me either. It’s been a slow process of healing this kind of thinking.

First of all, we have to believe we are LOVED by God. Unconditionally.

Faith hinges on His LOVE for us.

We believe that He IS. And He is a rewarder of those who diligently “seek” Him.

Not only that, a “good” father loves His children and ALWAYS wants the best for them.

Because of my grandfather’s upbringing, of not being told he was loved by his father, history repeated itself. We were shown love, because Dad was a good, respectable man, but never heard the words, “I love you” growing up. And a kid needs to hear it. Mom did. I’m thankful for that, at least.

Because of all this, I had a warped view that love had to be earned.

Love Doesn’t have to be Earned.

I’m so thankful Dad finally learned the importance of saying “I love you” after my Mom passed and continued until his death. He never meant to put scars on his children. But the enemy did.

Looking back now with tears in my eyes, a smile on my face and joy in my heart, I’m so so proud of my Dad! What great courage it took to break the cycle! And what a great legacy and future he left for his children and grandchildren. A legacy of love and faith! A perfect example of someone having a backbone like a sawlog!

Faith is the evidence and substance of things hoped for and things not seen.

If the devil can steal your faith, He has got you. Our entire walk with God hinges on our faith and our love of God. It’s the backbone that will “keep us” hanging in there until the Lord calls us home.

Sorry this whole post was long, but I will leave you with a prayer on my heart as a man named Reuben Robinson once prayed daily:

“O Lord, give me a backbone as big as a sawlog, and ribs like sleepers under the church floor. Put iron shoes on me and galvanized breeches, and hang a wagon- load of determination in the gable end of my soul. And help me to sign the contract to fight the devil as long as I have a vision, and bite him as long as I have a tooth, and then gum him till I die! Amen!”



      • Good morning, Renee! In the last couple of months especially have I discovered by crawling along—that upon waking—first thing thank God for another day to try again. Even when there were days I wished I hadn’t woken up. Ouch. And little by little my faith in God is increasing every day. And you know what? I am seeing hearts everywhere now!! Love you sweet sister! 😊💖

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  1. It took me a long time to truly have faith, I’m so grateful that God is patient. I enjoy running and have had lots of miracle healings thanks to our Mighty God. Take care.

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    • As for me also, Roger. If He wasn’t patient, He would have given up on me a long time ago, but look how far we have come? Now, we have learned to trust Him and have seen miracles and healings in doing so. Thank you! Blessings to you. 🙂


  2. “And help me to sign the contract to fight the devil as long as I have a vision, and bite him as long as I have a tooth, and then gum him till I die!” Amen, and Amen!! With Jesus in your corner, the devil will surely come unhinged… he hates gum! 😉🥊

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  3. Praising God does help our faith. I think it shifts our focus from all the tangible things to God.
    Without faith it is impossible to please God- that verse always inspires me to respond with faith.

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    • You are so right, Manu! That reminds me of all the people in the Bible running to Jesus with a need. Some fell at his feet, worshipping, some washed His feet with their tears and the one that stands out at the moment to me is the blind man saying, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! (Praise, worship)-all worship.

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  4. Good morning my beautiful friend! So true, being thankful is always good the first thing in our morning. And genuinely smiling, especially those days when we didn’t want to ever get up again. Especially on those kinds of days.
    Seeing hearts everywhere….. now that put a really BIG smile on my face! I think God wants us to get it. The clear message He sends us, on the worst of days and even the good days–He loves us. And that is enough. Find the beauty all around you, my friend, and inside you.💜🤗🌻🌞💟🦋🐛🍄🐢🦩🦜🐇🐾🌲🌷🐚


  5. One of my thoughts in staying faithful in these challenging times is that God doesn’t keep score, and He expects me to remain humble and remember to say “Yes” to His Word. I also believe God hasn’t finished molding and shaping me . . . as well as the world around us. His love never ceases. Blessings to you Renee for sharing your Christian journey. At times, we all stumble and need a helping hand.

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    • Weren’t you glad when you discovered God keeps no record of wrongs? What a glad day it was when the lightbulbs came on for me. Oh how He loves us! Staying humble and saying yes to Jesus is so important. And we always need His steady guiding hand. Blessings to you!

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  6. Oh how I seen myself in the stories you told….

    “He never meant to put scars on his children. But the enemy did.”
    …. I don’t think some parents mean to put scars on their kids. Ever. but the enemy definitely will! I’ve never heard it put like that, but it is 100% true.

    Beautiful post my friend! ❤

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  7. It saddens me to know there are others who have been in this situation. I think that even though the devil meant it for bad, God always uses it for our good. I pray there is healing for you. Much love my sweet butterfly friend! Thank you! 🦋🙏🏼


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