Little is Much

Growing up we didn’t have much of the finer things, and I learned what sacrifice was.

Sometimes when we are given much, we don’t appreciate things.

My parents taught me that little is much.

I learned it was the “little things” that count most in our lives.

So I am wishing (and praying) all my friends and family have just enough to make them humble and appreciate the good in their lives.

Things like laughter, peace, joy, a nice fire in the fireplace, togetherness with family and friends….

These things can’t be bought with money, only felt from the heart—The true meaning of Christmas.

So, for the parents out there who are struggling and worrying because they don’t have the money to buy a lot of “things” for their children….

Give them the things that can’t be bought. Love. They are gonna be just fine!

Looking back, growing up, I can remember very few of the Christmas presents that I received.

It was the “togetherness and love” that I remember the most.

Teach your children that, not the love of things, and they will be just fine!

And they will be the better for it!

God Bless each of you this season!

I pray you have “ENOUGH.”

I was cleaning around the pancake maker at work and saw a little pancake heart!


  1. So true Renee. Growing up I don’t remember the gifts but rather the time and family traditions we had of the family gathering together, the laughs and those sort of moments.
    This is such a good reminder at this time to not dwell on not being able to buy a lot of stuff but create those moments with love because that is what truly matters.

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