There’s Always a Way

My oldest daughter sent this to me. A white heart at the top of the flower — from the nursery where she works.

Have you ever felt you’ve lost your purpose? Like the world is spinning wildly out of control without any solid sense of direction? A cd skipping in the middle of a song…Where do you fit in this endless cycle of loops?

We all need a little nudge every now and again to get us back on track.

Mine was the other day when an older couple came into work. I was busy. The sweet lady spoke this to me: “You may not think you are making a difference here, but every little effort counts. Thank you, we appreciate what you have done today.”

She went on to say everything was so clean and the breakfast was nice.

I was so deeply touched, I patted my heart and smiled back at them deeply. Those words of encouragement meant so much to me that particular morning. I told her and her husband thank you from my heart.

Her husband said they were heading out that morning somewhere north in the state and was so grateful for good food in his belly to send them on their way. The precious lady said a ‘God Bless’ you before they left out the door.

They were no doubt Christians, and I was astonished about the whole ordeal, to say the least.

Sometimes we go to jobs day in and day out, feeling mundane, unimportant — wondering if we even matter.

Are we making any difference at all in our little corner of the world?

One young man was taking a pic of the fruit. I’ve caught a few doing this.

Later on in the day, another woman grabbed one of the bananas with a quote on it. She stopped at my kitchen door and asked if I was the one who had written it. I shook my head, “Yes ma’am.”

“I needed that today. You have no idea.” I asked which one she had gotten.

“There’s always a way.”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “Remember that.”

So, that got me to thinking….

What does it look like on the other side of the fence?

Today, I am writing from one of the tables in the dining room at my work. I wanted to see what it feels like to be on the other side, to see what the guests see. A few of the regular guests recognized me and spoke.

The rolling hills on my way to work. It’s usually dark when I pass through.

Here’s what I saw: one of my favorites was a group of older guys sitting at a table, shooting the breeze. It felt like a coffee shop atmosphere. (I couldn’t have wished for anything better)

There was a mother back with her sweet little girl with blonde pigtails I had spoken to the day before. Cutest little sweetheart you ever did see.

It felt strange to be on the other side of the kitchen, unrushed, unhurried, without a care in the world.

One of my favorite Irish sayings, although I didn’t have room to say ‘rise up’ to meet you.

So, here’s what I discovered after my small excursion:

You do matter.

You have a place in this world.

You have purpose.

Use your talents and gifts for the glory of God.

Don’t be discouraged.

Always be humble and kind.

You make a difference.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

You have a beautiful smile. Someone needs it today. Do it more often.

So here’s to the endless cycle of loops, the carousel ride of life.

Hang on for dear life, my friend.

Now, I’m off to tour my town. Visit some shops I’ve never been in, including our newer coffee shop. 🙂😘


  1. I love this post so much! I needed this reminder. I went to work not feeling good the other day, but I had to press through the day anyways, and I met the sweetest lady who let me into the school. We only talked for a short while, but she lifted my spirits in the short time we talked. Thank you for such a great post!

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  2. What a blessing to read this Renee!

    Those rolling hills are beautiful!!

    Just think of all those souls you have touched without even knowing. Those who grab and go only to see your little treasure notes in the car or a business meeting break♥️

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    • Thanks, friend! I’m glad it blessed you.
      I don’t think I’ve seen that area ever look so beautiful with the early morning sun backdrop. It’s definitely fun going down that steep hill.
      Awe! Thanks so much! That’s my prayer, to touch someone, the same as Jesus has touched me. I’ve never thought of it that way. That puts a smile on my face to see someone taking a break reading the quote. Thanks for that. 🤗

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      • Ha, I bet it is fun. It would be more fun on a bike! Just take your feet off the pedals and hold on😮 I just would not want to pedal back up😂

        Hey you never know. Maybe in a month or two someone will come back through and thank you for your note on their fruit and give you a story😊

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      • It would be if not for the four lane waiting at the foot of it. 😂🚴
        💥😢 But that sure reminded me of the hill us kids rode our bikes down when we were teens. It was the devil getting up it though! 😓
        Now wouldn’t that be something to look forward to, a story lifting Jesus up. ❣️

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  3. YOU do matter. Especially to me. ❤️

    Seriously, Renee, people really do laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more all because of you. 💕 And don’t you ever forget that.

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  4. Such an encouragement reminder Renee. Discouragement that what we do might not make much of a difference can set in and we often need encouragement and reminders to not allow those feeling to set in.
    Thank you Renee 💙

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    • Manu, you are welcome. And you are so right about needing to be encouraged, as well as, to be an encouragement. We all need positivity every single day. I’m so thankful for friends like this! We are in this thing together! 💜🤗

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  5. You know, I meant to read this the other day when it popped up in my email, but I didn’t have time. And then when I DID have time, everyone wanted a little piece of me, lol. “Mom-life” right?? 🙂 So, I sat down today, just looking as forward to this post as anything, and WOW… it really hit me. “Today”. it might not have hit the same if I’d read it the other day, lol. God has been moving on me in a lot of new ways, forcing me to see things from the other side, just like you said. And Your words are like a balm to my soul AGAIN, sweet friend! I pray for you often, and for your work, that you would be able to be the salt and light you are to SO MANY! I just pray God blesses you every way He’s got to bless somebody 🙂 Much love to you, Sis! Thank you!

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    • Thanks! Girl I couldn’t tell you how many times this has been the same with myself. It seems every time I go to read a post, someone needs something or something comes up. 🤦‍♀️ There is always a time for everything under the sun though, and there will be a time to read a post, even. Life is busy. I’m so glad God has a way of helping us read something at exactly the right moment though! I think and pray for you often. Sorry I haven’t connected in a while. I pray God uses you to be His hands and feet wherever you go! Much love to you, my friend!


    • One of these days you will be, my beautiful friend! But for now, these “phone moments” we share laughing, crying and praying together mean the world to me! I can’t wait for an in-person visit some day. I believe it will happen. Much love~Renee💜🐝

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