A Flamingo A day Makes Winter Go Away

A window display in one of my town’s local shops last Saturday.

I’m not really sure of the logic of this statement, but hey, it works for me. 💁🏼‍♀️

Why not? Something has got to chase away this winter’s blues, so it might as well be a flamingo.

I’m looking forward to spring. The flowers are blooming here. And the birds are happy. And I’m getting used to this “time change.” My body did NOT want to spring forward, but I’m so thankful for more daylight hours in the day. 😎

Spring is springing nicely

Ha ha! The next pic is the socks I wore yesterday to work for St. Patrick’s Day. I also wore a shamrock pin one of my good friends bought me when she went to Ireland.

Well, I wish you all the luck of the Irish and will keep this short and sweet. Love and shamrocks to ya, my friend, one day late 😂. 🍀 ☘️ ☘️


  1. The socks are super fun!
    Also, funny to read the flamingo sign because early today I almost bought a blow up one – for an event next month!
    I put it back but it reminded me of when there was a time when people would “flamingo” someone’s lawn. Hm

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  2. Cute socks. They would go great with my custom made St. Patrick’s day t-shirt, the one that says Yes I Am Irish above the shamrock, and No You May Not Kiss Me below the shamrock. Hey, with my green eyes and zillions of freckles, I had to do something in my defense. 😀

    My granddaughter turned 30 on St. Patrick’s day. I don’t know how that’s possible, considering that I am still 29! 😉


    • Well what do you know, Linda! I am also 29! 😉 😉 😂 We must never act our age! We are as young as we feel! Am I not right? 😀 Here’s to happy socks and spring chickens! 🙂

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      • I agree, we are as young as we feel. Some days, I feel like I’m still a young girl. Until I go to get up out of my chair, that is… ouch!

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      • Or go to get up from the floor…Now I understand the phrase people were talking about when they say, “I look for whatever else needs to be done down low, while I’m still on the floor” lol.

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