Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award

Beetreegathering AWARD

My friend, Debbie at bee tree gathering has nominated me for the Beetreegathering Bee-utiful Award! I have to be honest, it came at a time when I needed to hear her encouragement the most. I was totally humbled by the blessing she gifted me the morning I received and read it. It definitely made me cry! I will share her words later on in this post, so I can keep her words to read again in the days to come. First, let’s take a look at the reason behind this award and what it stands for.

There are many BEE-UTIFUL blogs on WordPress. We are a community of great writers, who have a unique capacity to have touched many lives on our journey.

The goal of this award is to help give recognition and also to help encourage new bloggers. The Beetreegathering Award recognizes bloggers who share their stories or thoughts in a Bee-utiful manner to connect with viewers and followers. In order to “accept” the award, the nominated blogger should nominate a fellow blogger, who has been a cornerstone in their journey: 

My thoughts: I knew the first time I saw Debbie on a Christian social media site, we were going to be friends. I had no idea at the time, how our friendship would grow as it has. We were perfect strangers. She is more than just beautiful. And she has no idea just how much. The love she has for her family and for anyone who is blessed to have her friendship, is fierce. She would swim the deepest ocean, walk a hundred miles to help those she loves. She has encouraged me so many times, not only by her words, but by her actions. Just watching how strong she is. She is a great mom and grandmother. Not only that, she is gifted in interior decorating, painting and much more. Her writing moves me, and oh my goodness, her prayers are so powerful! If it were not for her, there would be no Heart Tokens blog. She had to give me my own personal pep rally to push me past my fear of starting one. I love you, my friend. I am eternally grateful! Thanks for being my friend. I am truly honored by this award. 💜

So, now it’s my turn to nominate. I have prayed about how to do this…Being there are so many of you here who have touched my life—Guys and ladies alike—I could choose everyone and just know that I do.. It would take a lifetime to share how you each have touched my life personally.

Purple Rose

Stacey (homeschooling blog) Also here’s her Words From the Wheel blog







They each are beautiful souls who have been through a lot. Caring friends who love to give and love people. They always have an encouraging word for someone in need. They each are truly blessed with the gifts God gave them. I know they have blessed me personally. Also, thanks to each of you who first reached out to me when I started my blog. Thanks Warren for being the first to comment on my first blog post. Thanks to each of you for your friendship!💜🤗 You are all beautiful to me.🤗.You each have deeply touched my life in ways you will never comprehend the depth of. I am a better person just by knowing you all! Never give up or underestimate your worth or your purpose.

One heartfelt blog Heart Tokens was created by my friend Renee, without a doubt probably my biggest fan. We go back over fifteen years, becoming fast friends on a Christian site that is similar to Facebook. Tonight, I nominate Renee, of for the “First Bee-utiful Award.” as she is gifted in encouragement, capable of lifting one’s spirit up out of the pit of trials. What drew me to her as a friend, is that she never passed judgment on me. No matter how I talked, acted, or vented, Renee stayed a faithful friend. Beyond Priceless is a person of this caliber in today’s world. She stayed closer than a sister to me these last several years. Renee not only has encouraged me as a blogger and writer, but our ongoing friendship carried me with prayers through the most difficult trials as a Christian.” There are times I wanted to walk away, yet divinely, you always seemed to call me at those hard moments, putting me back on track.

Renee, today, I recognize you in front of all our fellow bloggers and writers, as I look at a larger picture. The treasure that most people don’t know is that Renee and I have never actually met in person. That is the miracle that God gave us these last fifteen years, as women who were in need of a friend, who would not only pray for each other but get down in the mud together. I sincerely believe every person needs a “Renee” in their life!

I have many more bloggers I wish to nominate, however, tonight, Renee, I congratulate you on a Bee-utiful Blog that has touched and transformed lives. Thank you for all the wonderful stories and posts!

Photo by alleksana on

Thanks again Debbie for the nomination! I will treasure this award forever! 💜🥰🤗


  1. Wow! You and Debbie have been friends for 15 years? Right on and sounds like such a god appointment (well everything is – but some things are more obvious) and I love what she wrote (heart tug!)
    Thanks for the award – because Renee it is so wonderful to see my name on that list!
    Also I agree with Debbie about your serious gift of encouragement! It seems so natural for you!
    Okay – wishing you a great day

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    • Yes! It seems just like yesterday. Boy time slips up on us! She definitely had me in tears when I read it. Thank you, Yvette! Your gifts are just like that! They come natural. Love your photography! Keep snapping those pics! 😉💜I’m so thankful for every good friend here.


  2. Congrats! If anyone deserves this award, you do! You are the sweetest and kindest person. ❤

    And thank you so much for nominating me! I feel honored! Just like when you got this award just in time, you did the same for me. I needed to see this on this sunday morning. Love you so much my friend!😘❤ keep blogging!

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    • Awes! You are so welcome. And thank you so much sweetheart! You are an amazing young Christian lady. So sweet and so talented. Your love for Jesus shines. God knows when we need it and orchestrates every blessing He sends our way. I pray you have a fabulous and blessed Sunday. I hope you worship and praise Jesus today with all your heart! 💜🙌🏼

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  3. Congratulations Renee! 🎉 You most definitely deserve this award. You are incredibly beautiful inside and out. I love you. 💕

    Thank you so much for nominating me. I am truly honored. ❤️

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    • You are the sweetest Betty! Thank you! And you are also one who has touched my life here on WP. When WP lets me see your posts, I’m always blessed and encouraged. 💜


  4. wow…i’m overwhelmed with the amazing camaraderie and pure love and respect for each other in here. WP has given us all such a beautiful place to meet and greet and uplift each other and i’m so thankful. Above all I thank our Amazing God for creating so much beauty through each and everyone, with the gifts and talents He has blessed us with. It is incredible. Well done Renee. I haven’t read much of your posts but will make a note of doing that from here on. I’m so glad for this award and what it stands for. We all need that little nudge sometimes and it really recharges the spirit in ways nothing else can. Well deserved to all the other nominees, you all are amazing and doing an amazing work for the Kingdom. Keep going. Jesus Loves You and Loves all that you do. Stay Blessed.

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