Like a Sore Thumb

Stu’s heart

You were meant to stand out, my dear.

I didn’t call you to “fit in.”

I called you to “stand out.”

Stop looking at all the things you are “not.”

And look at all the things you are “in me.”

With me, you can do ALL things.

With me, you can be yourself, with no harsh judgement.

In me you have life and being.

Abide in me, and I will abide in you.

I am the one who holds your hand.

In fact, I am the One who made that very hand.

You are my beautiful child, my dear.

Do not hang your head low in shame.

The condemnation you feel is not from me.

Lift your head up.

Never in pride.

But with humility, love and grace.

The compassion you show to others and the empathy you feel towards even the least, is a product of the love I have put in your heart and have shown you.

And will continue to show you.

Beloved, believe all the wonderful things I feel for you.

Accept the plans I have in store for you.

Look around you, my child.

Embrace the “love” I send your way.

And believe I sent them just for you.

You are loved beyond measure.

I am always trying to get your attention. To show you how deep my love for you is.

I stretched my arms out wide on a wooden cross to show my love for you.

If you had been the only one to receive me, I still would have gone there.

I still would have taken the beatings.

The stripes.

The scars.

Faced betrayal from my own disciples.

All because I had you in mind, my precious child, from the very beginning.

So think it not strange the fiery trials that torment you so.

Think it not strange you don’t “fit in.”

You were not meant to.

Stand out, my child.

Be who you were called to be.



A city on a hill.

Even sore thumbs have their purpose.


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