He’s Got You

For you, Leann

I have to constantly remind myself Jesus always knows where I am.

I’m one of those hard-headed children who keeps Him—BUSY—leaving the rest of the sheep looking after this daughter of His.

I can just hear Jesus telling the angels, “What is that girl up to NOW? She’s going to make me turn gray-headed… AGAIN!!! Let me just go and pull her back into the fold right quick. Hold down the fort, Gabriel. I’ll be right back—hopefully.”

Are there any more daughters or sons out there who can relate?

We are constantly in need of reminders.

He’s always with us.

Always has our backs.

Is holding on to us.

Knows the heavy burdens we’re carrying.

Feels the overwhelming grief in our hearts.

Has felt frustration, too.

But you know how us sheep are…

We get sidetracked. (Ooh! Look at that pretty butterfly!…Hey where is everyone?! 😮 Jesus? Guys? Where are you? HELLO??)

I was feeling a bit sad at work yesterday. Thinking of my niece we had buried the day before. I got tears in my eyes as I was scurrying around the kitchen.

I heard a woman’s voice behind me saying, “Excuse me…I didn’t have much change, but I wanted to give you this. (A tip) My son and I are learning origami.”

Guess what it was?

Yes. A heart. 💜

I am still learning Jesus loves me.

THIS I (should) know.

…By now.

He’s got you (us) wherever you are in your current situation.

He knows full well how tired you may feel.

He cares throughout the times of discouragement and even in your times of joy.

Yes, weeping may endure for the night.

But JOY is coming.

For you, Leann. Your favorite song.

He’s got us, my friend.💜

And this sheep should know…by now.

He’s holding us tight.


  1. Aww this post spoke to my heart. Beautiful words, thanks for sharing Renee. My heart literally felt joy when I saw the photo of the dollar bill heart, such a symbol of your blog and just what you needed at the right time. God is amazing!

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  2. Good post sister fits right alongside of mine. I know God wants us all to really deeply understand how much He loves us with a never quit love. In II Cor 5 He talks about we held fast by His love for us, it anchors us, it motivates us, it compels us, it comforts us and keeps us coming back for more.

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  3. That origami heart was right on time and makes me smile – love when God personalizes our messages and Renee!
    Praise the lord for his personal touch
    And sorry about your niece 💛

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