Being strong doesn’t mean you won’t have moments you feel you are slam falling apart at the seams.

It simply means you keep going when the going gets tough.

You know in Whom you have believed.

Being strong doesn’t mean you can’t fall into temptation. We still have an enemy who wants to see us fall.

If we fall 7 times, we get up 8.

BUT greater is HE who is in us.

When it gets deep down to the nitty gritty, He was flesh at one time.

He knows what it’s like to struggle with inner demons, faults, failures, betrayal, hurt, grief.

He even felt the loneliness you feel right now.

He experienced all of this a long, long time ago before His cross.

Grief was a close companion to Him. He saw lots of suffering along the road He walked.

He was no stranger to rubbing shoulders with friends facing financial struggles and battling all kinds of addictions.

He walked beside lots of anguished, broken souls to show we can overcome anything this world can pitch at us.

He nailed them all to the cross.

Whatever you are dealing with, you cannot do it alone anymore.

We have to come to the end of ourselves to realize, we need Him in this fight.

Be strong in the power of HIS might.

Only through His might can you change your situation.

And if it’s something out of your control, He can fix that, too.

Trust Him. He knows the way.

He’s walked the same dusty road before.


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