When She Lays Her Isaac Down

When she lays her Isaac down, there’s a peace inside that can be found. Grief may stay but hope’s not lost. When Jesus carries Isaac from the altar to the cross.

A shattered heart can feel the pain, of letting go of dreams and shame. The plans she’d hoped for her life, lifted with a prayer and a knife.

When she lays her Isaac down, she gives notice she’s promised-bound. And a God who loves that Isaac more stays the knife and stills the roar.

Of the lion who sought to devour, leaves trembling, angry that very hour. Every promise and every care, taken back in victory from a broken prayer.

When she lays her Isaac down. When she lays her Isaac down.

What is your Isaac?

A wayward child who is causing you much grief?

A hurt that won’t mend no matter how hard you try?

What is coming between you and God right now?

Or stopping you from even seeking God for the very first time?

Is it because you don’t believe He could love a mess-up like you?

Or even believe in yourself, because someone once told you, you were not enough?

Maybe your Isaac is something entirely different. Like an addiction.

A secret sin.

Or something everyone openly knows about you.







Judging others.



A label put on you from long ago you’ve never quite lived down.

Maybe it’s the things of this world holding you down or back.

The lust of the flesh.

The lust of the eyes.

The pride of life.




Your Isaac may be….

I hope you can find the courage to trust Jesus with it.

He will take your painful addiction, worry or concern and work it for the good in your life.

But He won’t MAKE you sacrifice your Isaac. He only asks you bring it to Him. And lay it on the altar. And trust Him with all your heart to do the rest.

Won’t you come to Him?

You’ve tried everything else. And that didn’t work.

Won’t you try Jesus?

It will require laying all those broken, jagged pieces out before Him. And letting Him have His way in your life.

You can’t change without a fallout.

You have to burn your old self away.


But the good news is, Jesus has your best interest in mind. He only wants the best for you.

Oh, my friend! When you lay your Isaac down!


  1. Renee, these words express a fresh, genuine look at our sinful nature. “Laying my Isaac down” is a real moment with the Lord. I need to carry this conviction close to my own heart. Blessings to you and God Bless for sharing.

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    • Ahh that sinful nature we were all born into. So thankful we have an advocate with the Father. And mercy and goodness to follow and chase us all our lives. I appreciate you stopping in. Hope you and the family are doing well.


  2. Yes yes!! Absolutely, a beautiful and well-written truth. When Christ sees the true desire of surrender and sacrifice that “caught ram” will be just what we needed. God bless you, friend! 💛🙏🏻🙏🏻

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