Found. A young girl afraid to feel the true colors. The colors of the rainbow. Afraid to fly on gossamer wings with sunbeams and raindrops. And love and dreams as big as the sky.

Clouds cover the view of sunshine gleaming down, highlighting her once golden hair. The glow is still there for all the world to see. She is still there. Unseen. Parts hidden.

Peering inside the window of the church, long abandoned, with slender fingers cupping her eyes. On the floor lie broken things. Glass shattered. Debris scattered, from long ago, littering the streets of who she is to be.

Who was she?

A stranger seen in the reflection of the pane. She shouts to no one in particular. “WHO AM I?”

Silence answers with echos of shiny sequins. “You are a reflection of me.”

“How can I be sure?” She questions the voice.

“You will know. The heart always knows.“

“But I don’t think I know.”

“But you do. I know you do.”

A quizzical expression shadows her existence, changing her mouth into a half smile. She searches within. For a very long time.

She does know.

She is her Father’s child.

“Ahhh,” says the voice, “You do remember.”


  1. Good Morning my sweet friend 🤗💛❤️, I love the reflection, isn’t it just like God to form that question in our mind when the world overwhelms us to bring us back to remembrance of who we are in Christ Jesus. Love your post, straight from heart, beautifully written. 🌟🙌🕊️🐝🌹

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    • Good morning Beautiful!!! 🤗🌞 So true. Yes, it’s truly amazing when we remember who we are in Christ. He has to do a lot of reminding since this world does it’s very best to swallow us up in the “overwhelm” of it all. God Bless, my friend!💜🌷

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  2. Inspiring post! There will be days when we grow weary of digging through life’s questions all alone. Then we realize that Jesus has uncovered the path to see answers through our deepest faith. Thank you Renee.

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