Gentle Reminders

My daughter found this on our back porch. A heart made of moss blown in from an oak tree.

Sometimes we need that special reminder we are never alone.

He goes before us.

Walks beside us.

Holds our hand.

Is our shield and rear-guard.

He never tires of hearing how our day is going or how frustrating our week has been. (Thank goodness for that!)

Most days there is nothing we can do, but hold on for the ride.

He only asks we answer the call and buckle down in focused prayer.

God is the only One who can change any attitude or soften hearts.

We first examine ourselves and pray for a pure heart.

A heart in the wood of our front porch bench.

Truth will come to light.

Peace can be restored.

But it can only come by time spent on our knees.

Keep our mouths shut. (Boy do I need to remember that one!)

Trust Him.

Stand still and see God move that mountain for us.

Wait patiently….for His salvation. (That one is a hard one for any of us, also)

Waiting is very hard when we feel we have reached the breaking point.

It’s where those gentle reminders come into play.

Cry if we must.

Let the tears fall. And the anger out, if we can.

Don’t hold things in.

We need to remember never heap it out on an innocent or even a guilty victim lol.

Give it to God.

There again, another hard one.

Sometimes we fret and wring our hands as if God has no power to come through for us.

But hasn’t He done it before?


He’ll do it again.


Happy Sunday! I’m behind on reading posts! Thank you for reading. I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things soon! God Bless you, my friends!


  1. I NEVER see a heart that I don’t think of you, Sis 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! Yes, there are so many things in the word we need to remember, and so many of them are so hard in the flesh! Praise God, He gives us one another to help hold up under pressure. It’s little things like a blog post, a kind word, or even just a smile that can change a person’s day completely! And it’s always a blessing to read about what you’ve been thinking 🙂 God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awe, you made my day reading this, Stacey! I’m glad you are at least thinking of me still! Lol I’ve been praying for you! I know losing a mom temporarily is hard. But we shall see her again. There’s no doubt about that!
      God always seems to uplift us through others so many times!
      Girl it’s hard keeping up with my thoughts these days. They are scattered in all directions! God’s Blessings to you, my friend!


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