Snippets of Time

Tonya & Justin

Moments are so precious.

We don’t realize it’s our last moment, until it’s the last moment we ever have.

It’s what we leave behind that counts.

The laughter we sprinkled into the lives we loved so much.

The love we spread around like confetti.

The snapshots we took. Of family and life.

The journals we shared of our feelings….

our happiness…

and even our pain.

Our words. Reminders we actually lived on this earth.

That our life meant something.

The pictures we held so dear.

All a legacy we leave behind—to the ones we loved (love) with every breath we took.

This one is dedicated to my adopted son—Justin, who is grieving right now.

“The son I never had.”

I always told him if I had a son, I would have wanted him to be just like him.

And this one is dedicated to his mom, Tonya, who recently passed from this life.

Justin, as a mother, I want you to know, in our last moments on this earth, our children will always be the last memories we remember before we pass to our eternal peace and home.

A mother knows this.

Our children. Our family, is the legacy we cherish and leave behind.

But not forever.

A mother’s love is so strong! We will see our mothers again!

Cherish this.

Believe this!

Hold this thought deep in your heart.

And don’t waver!

Be strong!

And remember, your mom would want you to continue to make her proud.



Laugh when you remember all your special times together.

Let your feelings out. Even the angry ones.

But please don’t stay too long or drown in the pits of despair.

No matter what, BE HAPPY— for your mom would have wanted this for your life.

Make her proud!

The journal Tonya left Justin. She made this herself.
What a special memory she left behind for her son to cherish!

I cherished our moments together, Son

So please don’t feel so sad,

I will always be proud of the best son

this mom could ever have had!

Our love can never be separated

By death, time or space,

It’s sealed throughout eternity

By His Sweet Amazing Grace.

Every time you see a pretty red bird

Think of me, Son—and know

I will always be watching over you

Oh, how much I miss and love you so!

by: Renee Greene


  1. Jesus wept for the grief Mary and Martha felt. And I weep for your loss. May the Lord’s presence be with all involved in His special way during your time of sorrow. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know he will appreciate your prayers, Richard. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. Mothers are a blessing. It’s hard to lose them, even though we know they’re in a better place.

      Liked by 1 person

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