Meet Thumbelina

Once upon a time, a beautiful little, black-haired Princess was born into the kingdom. She was small, but she was fierce!

Many nights, she woke up all those who slept soundly in the magical castle.

As she grew, her giggles were carried upon the wind and could be heard throughout the whole kingdom.

She ran skipping and playing all day, without a care in the world, blowing bubbles, while the mystical breeze swirled her long, blonde hair behind her. By this time her hair had turned into a lovely, golden blonde.

She was given the name Angel, but she preferred the name Thumbelina much better. Whenever anyone called her by her given name, she would simply say, “Just call me Thumbelina.”

It wasn’t long till time passed, and she grew up and had her very own little Ade—“Lena.” Now, the castle is occupied by two Princess Lenas!

And so another adventure begins….

(the beginning of ) The end!

Happy Birthday our Angel Shayna —errr–Thumbelina!!! We love you!


    • Thank you so much my friend! Both my girls were obsessed with princesses. They both have grown up way too quick and left my nest empty. But I now have grandkids to fill some of the void, even if they live 2 hours away.

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